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This RPA training represents the intermediate level for a person wanting to start the journey in Robotic Process Automation. Apart from the practical part, this training provides also valuable insights and connection with improvement methodologies like BPM, Lean, LSS that enhance the potential of this valuable technology with trainers having the necessary experience with RPA but also with transforming organizations with the help of mentioned continuous improvement methodologies.
This training responds entirely on the international requirements for such a role/ consultant for the today's business but also for the International Certified Robotic Process Automation Continuous Improvement Professional (ICRPAECIP ™) certification issued & provided by ICBCIP.
*any session can be customized as duration, intensity & focusing on some specific areas depending on the customers objectives & expected results.


Icon representing ICBCIP International certification for Robotic Process Automation Engineer

ICBCIP RPA Engineer 


Icon representing what you receive during and after the Robotic Process Automation Engineer training

2 days training

Training material 

Coffee breaks & lunch

Link with process analysis & opportunity discovery

Experienced trainers

Certification exam preparation

Certification after exam*


Icon representing methods used during Robotic Process Automation Engineer training

20% Theory
80% Practice
Process Improvement RPA opportunity 
Practice with Automation anywhere or UIPATH RPA software 
Building robots starting from case studies


•RPA intro
•Automation anywehre/ UIPATH intro
•Case studies building robots
•Continuous improvement connection
•Discover & enhance RPA opportunities in the organization's processes

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