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Yellow Belt training is the first step in process improvement using the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Being designed for people who are part of a team in more advanced Lean Six Sigma initiatives (i.e. Lean Six Sigma Green/ Black Belt projects or need to solve business issues following Lean Six Sigma approach, but not going into details or using advanced statistics (Just do it/ Kaizen workshops/ Root Cause Analysis).

This level is recommended for all the employees of an organization in order to assure the minimum base for the Lean Six Sigma deployment, to make sure that the same language is used across the company, It also helps people see the improvement potential of the processes they are involved.

This knowledge can be used in a DMAIC improvement project or, depending on the need, using certain tools in daily business and also in order to fix different issues. It helps people understand how the business/ organization works & how the performance can be improved. It brings a new mindset perspective, enabling the challenge of the status quo.

The training is designed so that the participants can start applying and using the concepts, tools learned immediately after the training. During the training the participants will be part of simulation of a company (having an end to end process service/production that will be analysed & improved by applying what is learned in the training).

More details on the training & curriculum you can find here under. 

*any session can be customized as duration, intensity & focusing on some specific areas depending on the customers objectives & expected results.

This training responds entirely on the international requirements for such a role/ consultant for the today's business but also for the International Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Continuous Improvement Professional (ICLSSYBCIP ™) certification issued & provided by ICBCIP.



ICBCIP LSS YB certification 


IASSC LSS YB certification

(at choice) 



40% Theory
60% Practice
Process improvement simulation
Examples of LSS real projects
Structured for easy applying in practice


what you receive.png

2 days training

Training material 

Coffee breaks & lunch

BPM intro & link with LSS

Experienced trainer

Certification exam preparation

Certification after exam*

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Services



•Define business case
•Understand customer
•Define the process
•Manage the project
•Gain project approval


•Develop process measures
•Collect process data
•Check the data quality
•Understand process behavior
•Baseline actual situation


•Analyze the process
•Develop theories and ideas
•Analyze the data
•Verify root causes and understand cause and effect


•Generate potential solutions
•Select best solutions
•Assess the risks
•Pilot and implement


•Implement ongoing measurement
•Standardize the solutions
•Quantify the improvement
•Closure the projects

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Services
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