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Predict the F1 cars performance in Qualifying/ race after analyzing the data from free practices

Updated: Mar 4

🏁A key question that everybody wants to know is what will be the F1 cars performance in Qualifying or race after analyzing the data from the 3 free practice sessions.

👨‍💻Plain and simple no? Import the data and let the computer do the magic?

Well… not so easy, you still need to understand “the process”, current conditions of the track, how is evolving, trsck specifics, what fuel load each car have, settings used, engine power mode, teams hiding true performance and many other things.

📈So while they are quite good at predicting where the true pace is and what is the “real order” it is still a need to understand the data, and the first rule is to understand what is happening, what teams are doing, and after of course, is a number game.

⚙️The same like in process excellence, we have tons of data, but do we know what to do with it without knowing what is happening at the Gemba?

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